Time Matters 10 – PCLaw 10 Link

We all know the love hate relationship that we have with the Time Matters – PCLaw link. Let’s just start with what we all know…if you are on an old version of Time Matters or PClaw (pre-version 9), I recommend that you upgrade. If that is not your cup of tea…contact us and we can discuss some of the issues that you need to understand.

Time Matters has fixed one huge issue with time entry. The description field in Time Matters was limited to 100 characters. Why was that a big deal? It made the Worksheet useless if your are verbose…and for those of you using it before the SR for 9… be careful.  Now we can enter long descriptions in Time Matters and send those to PCLaw.

Wait there is more!!!

They have updated the PCLaw worksheet to allow easier time entry and they have made it even easier to post that time to PCLaw. It acts similar to the Amicus to PCLaw link of years ago with some extra features. Users will like it. This feature alone may be worth the upgrade and adding AMP. 

Enter your time on the worksheet and watch the Matter summary information update. You can see the AR, the WIP etc for that matter in real time from PCLaw. (Note this does not include any time that has not been posted. ) When you are ready….post the time to PCLaw from the worksheet. You can also make time entries in other places in Time Matters and they show up in the worksheet….so capture the billing for all of those emails. Check out the demo video:

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