Archiving Tool for Time Matters and Billing Matters

Is your Time Matters or Billing Matters database growing large? Are you a long time Time Matters or Billing Matters user? As we all know there is no real way to archive the data in Time Matters or Billing Matters. Moving records to the archive just puts them in a different list and in no way assists in your database size and in no way reduces the number of records.

For many users, this does not have a lot of impact, but if you have a fair number of records in your database this creates an overhead on your system and you are storing your old or archived records in your SQL server. We are introducing an archive tool for Time Matters that will move the records out of the database into an easy format ready for integration into another application. If you do not have an archive application we are offering that as an option too.

It is presently in limited implementation at very large sites only where we are dealing with millions of records. The upside to this solution is that it can scale both up and down, so it can used in any size firm.

Contact if you are interested in being an early adopter.

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