Using Time Matters and PCLaw. DO NOT upgrade to Time Matters 12

There is an issue with the link in Time Matters 12 and PCLaw. If you ever use the billing address in PCLaw, the link will leave you with the wrong billing address. This means your bills could be sent to the wrong person/address. The released information is below:

Product News
Time Matters 12 Integration with PCLaw Software and Use of Alternate Billing Addresses
Based on feedback from the CIC Community, we have identified an issue that may impact customers using Time Matters 12 with supported versions of PCLaw software.


Versions Affected

  • Time Matters 12 alone or with Service Pack (SP) 1 or 2 applied when linked to any supported PCLaw version ONLY IF the alternate billing address field in PCLaw is used

Customers who use alternate billing addresses for one or more matters in PCLaw may experience an issue with that field after data has been imported and converted from PCLaw to Time Matters.

If “Use PCLaw Alternate Address” is selected during the data import and conversion process, when using the alternate billing addresses, some data may be duplicated on subsequent matters that did not already have an alternate address specified.


Webstar Description
4989922 Time Matters shows wrong alternate billing address on PCLaw tab.


Actions Taken
We will email potentially-impacted customers to notify them about this issue.

We are currently targeting to address this issue in the Time Matters 13 release, targeted for release to the CIC Community in October 2013.

Refrain from using the alternate billing address field in PCLaw, until we have notified you that the issue has been addressed.

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