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Time Matters 12 SR2 available – STOP if you are using Office 2003

Please note from Lexis: Full SR2 release notes are available here:

Why I do not recommend using the Time Matters messenger

Over the last decade I have seen many firms use the Time Matters messenger. I have debated about it. I have discussed it in many situations with law firms, developers and consultants. Although I can see the value to the theory of it, my experience…

7 Second System Implementation of Time Matters

Here is an overview of the 7 Second System implementation of Time Matters. Easy to use, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Archiving Tool for Time Matters and Billing Matters

Is your Time Matters or Billing Matters database growing large? Are you a long time Time Matters or Billing Matters user? As we all know there is no real way to archive the data in Time Matters or Billing Matters. Moving records to the archive…

AdvologixGC – new application release by Advologix for Corporate Counsel

Having worked with Corporate Counsel for the last 10 years, I have always watched the spend management applications. Having worked with law firm billing departments for the last 12 years, I have been involved in enough electronic billing. Now Advologix has launched a product for…

PCLaw Certificate Expiry – versions 8.10a, 8.10b, 9.31a, 9.31b

If you are using an affected version of PCLaw, there is a certificate expiry issue that can render PCLaw inoperable. See the Lexis statement below:

Time Matters Certificate Expiration

Technical Bulletin Time MattersĀ® Certificate Expiration June 21, 2012 Time Matters and Time Matters with LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage Versions Affected Version 11.1 without Service Pack 1 (SP1) Version 11, with or without SP1 Version 10 Version 9 Description If you have previously installed the…

Time Matters Google Synchronization – Google Connect4TM Beta is open

The Time Matters Google Synchronization – Google Connect4TM Beta is open. If you want to be involved, set me an email. For those that have not seen my video from a while ago, here is an example of the application is action.

Time Matters Google Synchronization revisited

It appears as though the Time Matters Google Synchronization product Google Connect is going to be available in the market. Mobility (having your data available to you while you are mobile) used to be a luxury or a cool gadget but is is the norm…

NetDocuments for Law Firms

We have been involved with NetDocuments for many years, even before their agreement with LexisNexis. We were involved with the link to Time Matters. For those who do not know, NetDocuments is Cloud based document management system that will meet and exceed even the most…