Time Matters 12 SR2 available – STOP if you are using Office 2003

Please note from Lexis:

Time Matters 12 SP2 add-ins will not be compatible with the following third-party products: Microsoft Office 2003, Outlook 2003 or Exchange 2003. If you are using one or more of these Microsoft products, you must upgrade to a supported version to continue using your Time Matters add-ins.

Full SR2 release notes are available here:

Why I do not recommend using the Time Matters messenger

Over the last decade I have seen many firms use the Time Matters messenger. I have debated about it. I have discussed it in many situations with law firms, developers and consultants. Although I can see the value to the theory of it, my experience is that is can cause too many stability issues. (Don’t get me wrong when I started in 2001 I made money fixing messenger issues in Time Matters Professional all of the time)

A recent post to the Time Matters get satisfaction forums goes a long way to backing up my decision to not implement Time Matters messenger at any of my firms, especially a firm with a large number of users. I specialize in ensuring Large data sets in Time Matters does not mean reduced stability. Here is a portion of the post from a LN tech support person:

We have been able to isolate specific conditions that can get in the way of the Messenger working properly, however, so you can look at some of these things as possible issues:

– Google Chrome can prevent the Time Matters Messenger from being able to open while the Chrome window is open. Try rebooting the computer and go directly to the Time Matters Messenger without launching Google Chrome.

– Dragon Naturally Speaking can cause intermittent issues with both Time Matters and the Time Matters Messenger. If you have this, try disabling it to test.

– Some HP Printer software can cause the Time Matters Messenger to lock or freeze. If you have HP Printers in the office, try running the Time Matters Messender in Safe Mode w/ Networking. If it works fine in this environment, then it may be a driver conflict.

– Logitech Setpoint (which is for Logitech wireless keyboards/mice) can cause the Messenger to lock or freeze. If you have this software running, try closing it then attempt to use the Time Matters Messenger again.

– ActiveWords can cause the Messenger to lock or freeze. If you have this software running, try closing it then attempt to use the Time Matters Messenger again.

– Ensure that your Windows DPI settings are set to 96. Any other setting has shown to cause issues with both Time Matters and the Time Matters Messenger.

– If you utilize the TM Save function from within Microsoft Word, Excel or PowerPoint and have recently used the TM Save function, try closing the Microsoft product and attempt to use the Messenger again.

– The MS Office Connector add-in from Outlook has been known to cause the Time Matters Messenger to crash wehn you open Microsoft Outlook. Disabling this add-in will resolve this issue.

7 Second System Implementation of Time Matters

Here is an overview of the 7 Second System implementation of Time Matters. Easy to use, easy to understand and easy to implement.

Archiving Tool for Time Matters and Billing Matters

Is your Time Matters or Billing Matters database growing large? Are you a long time Time Matters or Billing Matters user? As we all know there is no real way to archive the data in Time Matters or Billing Matters. Moving records to the archive just puts them in a different list and in no way assists in your database size and in no way reduces the number of records.

For many users, this does not have a lot of impact, but if you have a fair number of records in your database this creates an overhead on your system and you are storing your old or archived records in your SQL server. We are introducing an archive tool for Time Matters that will move the records out of the database into an easy format ready for integration into another application. If you do not have an archive application we are offering that as an option too.

It is presently in limited implementation at very large sites only where we are dealing with millions of records. The upside to this solution is that it can scale both up and down, so it can used in any size firm.

Contact if you are interested in being an early adopter.

AdvologixGC – new application release by Advologix for Corporate Counsel

Having worked with Corporate Counsel for the last 10 years, I have always watched the spend management applications. Having worked with law firm billing departments for the last 12 years, I have been involved in enough electronic billing. Now Advologix has launched a product for Corporate Counsel that has spend management and can accept electronic billing. Within each Matter, you can manage both the documents, milestones, events and you can manage your spend with outside counsel. AdvologixGC is aimed at the mid size corporate counsel but as it is built on the force.com it can scale to any size firm and in my opinion is also priced where it will fit into the small corporate counsel budget.

I have a sample database up and operational and I have been involved in a demo of the next product. With the pricing and features, it is an application that will be looked at by many Corporate Counsel.


PCLaw Certificate Expiry – versions 8.10a, 8.10b, 9.31a, 9.31b

If you are using an affected version of PCLaw, there is a certificate expiry issue that can render PCLaw inoperable. See the Lexis statement below:

Time Matters Certificate Expiration

Technical Bulletin
Time Matters® Certificate Expiration
June 21, 2012

Time Matters and Time Matters with LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage Versions Affected
Version 11.1 without Service Pack 1 (SP1)
Version 11, with or without SP1
Version 10
Version 9

If you have previously installed the Time Matters add-ins for any of the following Microsoft® Office products, after June 23, 2012, you may see an error message when the Microsoft Office product is opened:

Microsoft Excel® 2003, 2007 or 2010
Microsoft Outlook® 2003, 2007 or 2010
Microsoft PowerPoint® 2003, 2007 or 2010
Microsoft Word 2003, 2007 or 2010
The folllowing error message may appear:

Security Alert – Macro. Warning: The Digital Signature Has Expired.

You may not be able to use some of the Time Matters software add-ins for these Microsoft applications unless you take one of the actions described in the “Resolution” section below.

NOTE: You may see the error message regardless of whether your Time Matters software is open and in use when you open the Microsoft application.

To address this issue, you can take the following actions:
Select Enable This Content from the Microsoft Office Security Options window. This will temporarily bypass the error message; however, the message will reappear when another Microsoft application is opened.

Upgrade to Time Matters 11.1 SP1, the current version. You must have an active Time Matters Annual Maintenance Plan (AMP) subscription or Time Matters with LexisNexis Total Practice Advantage Agreement to get this upgrade.


Download and install new add-in files for your Time Matters software. See instructions here:

Time Matters Google Synchronization – Google Connect4TM Beta is open

The Time Matters Google Synchronization – Google Connect4TM Beta is open. If you want to be involved, set me an email. matt@7secondsystem.com
For those that have not seen my video from a while ago, here is an example of the application is action.

Time Matters Google Synchronization revisited

It appears as though the Time Matters Google Synchronization product Google Connect is going to be available in the market. Mobility (having your data available to you while you are mobile) used to be a luxury or a cool gadget but is is the norm now. It is needed. Time Matters does have an Exchange synchronization. Time Matters does have mobility. For my clients, Steve at DataEquity has been releasing far superior add ons and applications to extend your Time Matters.
MobileTM is far superior to the Lexis offering.
Guest Office – a client extranet opens new worlds for your Time Matters use.
SharpShooter (with a new release days away) is necessary for everyone.
Connecting your Time Matters to Google? Also needed in the market and a necessary tool. I am even more excited that it is one way from TM to Google and can be removed at any time.
When it ships, I will post a review and demonstration.

NetDocuments for Law Firms

We have been involved with NetDocuments for many years, even before their agreement with LexisNexis. We were involved with the link to Time Matters. For those who do not know, NetDocuments is Cloud based document management system that will meet and exceed even the most demanding users’ needs and expectations. It integrates with Microsoft Office and Outlook to securely save, store and organize all of your documents. They have a new demo showcasing law firms.