7 Second System receives LexisNexis Platinum Achievement Circle – Top Sales Producer – Time Matters


At PMAC, it was announced that 7 Second System is the Top Sales Producer for the Time Matters product.  What does this mean? No other company sold more Time Matters than the 7 Second System.  Congratulations to our team.

How do we do it?

We are not typical consultants…we implement Time Matters in a straight forward model based on a per user price. It is not in our benefit to drive up your costs and increase our hours. Our philosophy is to shift the burden of the costs of implementation from your firm to us. We are the experts.  What is the 7 Second System?


Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Hosted Exchange

Microsoft Exchange is the leader in business email. Your Blackberry just works with Exchange. Your smartphone works with Exchange. If you work from more than one computer or location, it is nice to have all of your email in Outlook regardless of  computer and know that it all just works.  So now that your smart phone is attached to Exchange and updates in real-time….you have to get your Time Matters into the picture. As you have seen in previous posts, we can synchronize Time Matters with Exchange.

What if you are a small company or you do not want to manage Exchange internally?  Just get hosted Exchange. There are many providors in the market at reasonable prices. We use hosted Exchange internally at www.mailstreet.net and have been happy with the results. If we ever have issues, tech support is just a chat away. They support the Blackberry Enterprise Server and Exchange Active sync. So you do not need to have Time Matters and Exchange internally hosted and maintained. I have used the BES with a Blackberry 8830 World Edition. I have used the Exchange Active sync with a Palm Treo and my current phone a Palm Pre.

We are trying to maintain a list of providors that we have set up to share. Presently, we have:

If you have hosted Exchange and have the Exchange synchronization configured, let us know and we will update the list.  Kevin Bross, a member of the 7 Second System, does Exchange work and can get you up and running quickly. If you are in Canada, contact us and we can make sure it gets done correctly.

Do you wonder what the Time Matters to Exchange synchronization set up entails? Below is a video of my set up.  Please note that you need to think through any data migrations and their strategies before you start. So think twice (or more) and do once.  You can see an official post from LexisNexis on the setting up the Exchange synchronization at http://support.lexis-nexis.com/LNOTM/record.asp?ArticleID=6691&Print=1

Time Matters Exchange Synchronization – Blackberry, Palm and Smartphones

As I work in Toronto a lot, there is this misconception that Time Matters does not sync with the BES server (Blackberry). It does and it works well, sure there are a few things that we would like to change but we have it running at many clients sites and we run it internally.

Time Matters and your Blackberry (and Exchange) can sync over the air. Anything added to Time Matters is added to your Outlook and anything added to Outlook is added to Time Matters.

There are a few “design features” that you need to be aware of and you need to be cautious when using the following features in Outlook/Exchange:

  • Recurring events
  • Meeting requests

Recurring events – as we all know Time Matters creates 1 event for each staff for each occurrence. An event with 2 staff that happens on 3 different days will create 6 events. (A best practice tip is to only schedule an event for the staff that will attend). Outlook uses a formula.  The approaches are different.  In implementing this the developement team at Time Matters drew a line and only creates a defined number of events as it has to stop. You need to be aware of the limits.  Here is the LexisNexis support page http://support.lexis.com/LNOTM/record.asp?ArticleID=6688

Meeting requests –  I am not the Exchange/Outlook expert of the world so to me it is questionable whether a meeting request it an event. I would suspect it is some hybrid of a request and an event so it may be tentative until accepted??? Clear as mud?  For us, we just have to know it a request is sent and the date/time altered in a response or somehow changed at a later time, the Exchance sync treats it as a delete and it is removed from Time Matters.

How do we get around these?
Simple – enter the events in Time Matters. They will push to Outlook/Exchange – to your Blackberry.  Remember that Outlook does not have a Matter – so events added there cannot be attached to your matter.

Time Matters version 10

Many people are aware, or are now becoming aware, that Time Matters 10 is ready to ship.  Users on AMP will start to receive their product keys by email.  

Should you convert on your own?  As always, installing and converting Time Matters is pretty straight forward.  Time Matters 10 is a functional change and a philosophical switch for the product line.  I will follow up with details, but during the import process into Time Matters 10, your data is “cleansed”.  We know of many issues that can arise in your data, that you will never be able to see from within the application.  Steve Stockstill has written an excellent utility that everyone should consider – SharpShooter  www.dataequity.com. Some of the issues we isolate with this tool are dealt with in the conversion.

You should also know that your email attachments might be moving during the conversion process. I will post more on the topic in the coming days.  But…we are here at another version.

Does the 7 Second System change? No…actually you see some of our aproach in Time Matters 10. We were directly consulted, actually we made a trip to the product team in Cary to impore them to improve the powerviews (as well as the shipping defaults) or as we would say…to ease the extraction of data from Time Matters.

As many of you know, we have shipped Premium Powerviews for Time Matters.