Kevin Bross

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  • Billing Matters™
  • Time Matters® Enterprise

Kevin Bross co-founded Advanced Legal Systems, Inc. in 1989, one of the first technological firms in New Jersey to specialize in the legal market. He developed and deployed multi-user database and billing applications designed specifically for lawyers, long before the terms ‘practice management’ or ‘local area network’ had even been defined. In 1991, Kevin founded Abacus Consulting, LLC, a legal technology consultancy focus on providing proactive and complete solutions for the contemporary law firm.

Kevin has experience with a broad range of legal specific applications, but has maintained a focus on Time Matters and Billing Matters, which he has supported since the release of the first Windows version, and has received a certification for every version of Time Matters since the inception of their training programs. Kevin was the developer of the 1-click Billing Reporter for Billing Matters, a collection of Power Views designed to visually aid the review of billing records within Billing Matters.

Kevin has broad expertise with programming, networking, client/server systems, backup solutions, and server applications, such as Windows Server, Microsoft SQL, Microsoft Exchange, Backup Exec and numerous other enterprise applications. This background enables Kevin to design reliable, fault-tolerant systems that operate smoothly, and provide a solid framework on which forward-looking law firms can rely upon